Agnes in the Park [T&TB Agnes Top].

It’s Labour Day public holiday in Queensland and I have finally finished writing this blog post on the second top I made to wear in Spain in March.  How is it May already?!

So back in February, when I was deciding what to make for my travel wardrobe, my criteria was: (1) Easy to wear, (2) Versatile, (3) Does not crease, (4) Appropriate for location and season, and (5) Fast to sew. This top, the famous Tilly and the Buttons Agnes pattern, paired with Italian viscose jersey fabric, ticked all the boxes. I threw it in the suitcase, it can be worn with jeans or skirts or shorts, it can be layered, sleeves can be rolled up or left down, and it took only a few hours to make including tracing the pattern (if tracing is what you do, I did). 

  • Pattern: Tilly & the Buttons #1006, Agnes Top
  • Size made: Sizes 1-8 included( the size numbers are arbitrary and do not correspond to RTW or other sewing pattern sizing)b), I made size 2.
  • Pattern pieces: 4 pieces for the long, ruched sleeve and scoop neck version.
  • Fabric used: Viscose jersey [Viscose 92%, Elastane 8%], 155cm width, 1m length, made in Italy, bought from Catwalk Fabrics in Adelaide.
  • New Techniques used: I coverstitched the neckband.
  • Modifications: Shortened neckband by 5cm, sleeves by 3-5cm (3cm on right and 5cm on left sleeves…my arms are different lengths)


The famous Agnes top. I’ve wanted to sew this pattern ever since it first came out. I love the ruched sleeves.


I made the long, ruched sleeves with scoop neck. There are 5 pattern pieces in total, the ruched and plain sleeve pieces are separate. So only 4 pieces to make a top. Pic from here.


I traced all the pieces out while I was at it. I cut a size 2 (for body measurements B32 W26 H35; Finished garment measurements B30.5 W24.5 H33.5).


I first basted the neckband to the bodice, and it was too long for the fabric I used, so I shortened it by 2cm and it fit perfectly.


The old elastic I used didn’t have a lot of stretch. I still used it, because the packet was left by my late mother who sewed. The result is ruching that is not ruched enough for my liking! Maybe instead of the 16cm per side as suggested by the pattern, I’ll use 10cm instead (actual stitching 7cm instead of 13cm) if I am using the same or similar elastic next time.


I normally sew sleeves in the round. I’m not used to doing it this way instead. Definitely easier when attaching the sleeves to the bodice, however, overlocking the right-angle seam joining the side and sleeve seams proved to be difficult tfor me – I forgot to pull the right angles straight while stitching, and had to do it again. As a consequence I cut off more fabric than the intended seam allowance and the top fits tighter.


I coverstitched the neck band and hems too. I shortened the left sleeve by 5cm and the right one by 3cm. My right arm is longer! Or it could be the way I posture my shoulder trunk and shoulder girdles.


The ruched sleeves give the shoulders a bit more definition, which I like on me. However if the intention is to wear thinner cardigans or jackets on top of it, I would recommend making the plain sleeve version to avoid having extra fabric bunch up.


Coverstitched hems.


Knit garments that employ negative ease usually fit and conform to the body easily, but they can be snug.,


I used this busy print fabric to make this top for interest. If I make the sweetheart/gathered neck version, I would choose something more plain.


Park Guell, Barcelona, SPAIN.



Oh Barcelona, you are a beauty. (And Gaudi was so innovative and daring). The roads and facilities are quite baby-friendly, although of course there are stairs at many of the tourist sites built in the past that aren’t stroller/wheelchair accessible. The baby carrier saved the day in those cases (but the rest of the city and roads are mostly smooth, have wide sidewalks, ramps and are very stroller-friendly). And what you don’t see in these photos is my husband carrying our baby at his front, large backpack on his back, nappy bag on the side, holding a camera and trying to get good shots all at the same time. (I carried the baby and bags too before photo time haha). Thanks hubby and happy 18th (dating) anniversary to us during this fantastic trip! 

6 thoughts on “Agnes in the Park [T&TB Agnes Top].

  1. Lovely top!
    I have this pattern too but I can’t figure out how to make the sleeves “puffy” as it is suppose to be..

    I am going to try to make this top soon again!

    1. I love puffy sleeves even though some thinks it’s very 80s 😆. I just followed the instructions and sewed stretched-out elastic onto the sleeve head as indicated by the line on the pattern. I’m sure it’ll work for you! 😀

  2. That fabric is amazing!! I love it with the ruched sleeves–it adds a nice edge to the very feminine puffy sleeves. :-) I had a nice laugh picturing your hubby loaded down with a baby and all those bags while getting your photos! What a good sport. <3 Glad you enjoyed your trip; I'm sure it was a special anniversary with your little one along for the ride this time!

    1. Hi Mads, thanks so much for your comment! I like the ruched sleeves too – it’s the entire reason I bought this pattern many years ago! And yes kudos to hubby. If he wasn’t so stressed juggling everything at the same time, I would have laughed because I found it amusing. We loved the trip, would love to go back some day!

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