Fabric Shopping in Barcelona, Spain [2019].


When we decided to visit Barcelona and i was researching sightseeing activities, of course I looked up fabric shops in the city – “sightsewing” maybe? Due to the walkable locations of most of the shops, and endless patience from the hubby and kiddy, I was able to go to many of the textile stores in the Catalonian capital.

Websites that helped me find and decide which shops to go to in Barcelona: Oliver and S, Bobbin and  Baste, Foxglove & Thimbles, and the Sewrendipity Fabric Shop Directory.

General Info on fabric shopping in Barcelona:

  • Barcelona is a modern city and I love it. All the shops take credit cards.
  • The fabric composition is usually marked on the bolt.
  • Country of origin of the fabric is usually not stated on the bolt, but when I asked the staff, most of them could tell me. A lot if not most of them are made in Spain itself.
  • Communication in English is mostly fine. Gesturing, pen and paper, google translate, a calculator, are also all very useful tools too. The native language is Catalan.
  • The prices on the bolts have the VAT tax included.
  • Price marked is per metre.
  • The shops are not open on Sundays.
  • Staff and people in general are approachable, I have found.
  • Fabric can be heavy. I was lucky we walked around with a stroller (Barcelona is incredibly stroller- friendly!) and that saved me from carrying my acquired fabrics around town.
  • In general, most if not all of the shops closes for a few hours in the afternoon, and then are open til a bit later in the evening. 

A summary of the Shops I have visited and featured in this post:

El Poblenou District:

  •        1. La Fira de Bellacaire (flea market)

Eixample District:

  •       2. Teixits Donna (medium sized with a range of fabrics)
  •       3. Ribes y Casals (large shop with affordable prices)
  •       4. La Casa del Retall (focuses on stretch fabrics)
  •       5. Nanoya (Japanese and inspired fabrics)
  •       (and the ones I didn’t visit – Julian Lopez, Gratacos)

El Born (Old City) District:

  •      6. La Antigua Pasamaneria Soler (trim shop)
  •      7. Ganiveteria Roca (scissors and knives specialist)
  •      8. Casa Felix (notions store)

Here it goes!



  1. Fira de Ballcaire – Flea Market
  • Address:  intersection of Av. Meridiana and C/Castillejos
  • How to get there: next to tram and bus station. See here
  • Opening hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 9am-8pm.

Also known as Encants Vells, it is one of the oldest flea markets in Europe.  After its relocation to the current site, it’s very modern and the signature gold roof is itself a sight of interest! The 3-storey market holds hundreds of stalls selling everything from antique, junk, household goods, books, furniture, knick-knacks, food etc…and of course, FABRIC!

Many fabric stalls are at the upper (ground) level. A lot of the stalls I saw had rolls and rolls fabrics for 1 euro/m. Of questionable quality though. Many of the bolts are unmarked. There are also leather, trims, lace, upholstery, quilting material. Some stalls on the lower level have notions and trims.



2. Teixits Donna

Address: Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 6, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

The next 3 fabric shops (Teixits Donna, Ribes y Casals and La Casa del Retall) are all on the same street – Roger de Lluria. Very handy indeed!

Teixits Donna carries quite a range of different fabrics, including poly, rayon, cottons, lace, brocade, sequin, all separated in sections, with the back area stocking quilting cottons and home deco fabrics. They don’t really like photos taken of the shop/fabrics (we took a few unknowingly before they gestured to stop), but after purchasing the gentleman was happy for a photo to be taken. I bought some striped floral rayon, soft and good for summer! It was (I think) about 10 euro/m.


3. Ribes y Casals. 

Address: Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 7, 08010 Barcelona

Across the road from Teixits Donna is the large Ribes y Casals shop (with the small La Casa del Retall on the right next to it), with its beautifully styled shop windows. It has 2 levels, the upper level have all kinds of fabrics from Liberty, jersey, cottons, lace, brocades, evening fabrics, poly, home dec materials. The lower level carries notions. The prices appear average and affordable. The bolts are all clearly marked in terms of composition and price. I bought a pleated fabric that was only printed on the outside of the ‘pleats’ with white negative spaces on the back sides of the pleats. They are 12.5 euro/m.


4. La Casa del Retall

Address: Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 9, 08010 Barcelona

It is a smaller store stocking mostly knits and jerseys. It’s actually quite difficult to find nice jersey fabrics, so I think it’s their point of difference. Pity we were running out of time (and steam) and I didn’t spend too long in there. There is scuba, jersey, lycra, dance wear etc. There is a pre-cut sale section at the back, and it is where I chose my purchase, a border print viscose jersey (12.5 euro/m). Their scuba selection is nice too, but I have a lot of those in my stash already and I decided against getting any, plus I wanted to save up my quota.


5. Nanoya

Address: Carrer de Trafalgar, 14, 08010 Barcelona

Slightly out of the way is a fabric shop selling mostly Japanese fabrics. Mostly cottons (quilting, lightweight, duck/drill/canvas), some coated fabrics, some Nani-Iro, Echino fabrics, a little bit of stretch knits, and upholstery weight materials. This shop is delightful. I bought a fabric with waves patterns woven into it, at 21 euro/m. It’s made in Spain (Valencia) too!


Other fabric shops I didn’t visit in Eixample:

Julian Lopez

Address: Carrer d’Alí Bei, 11, 08010 Barcelona

Julian Lopez is a large fabric shop and has several branches across Spain in the larger cities. It is a more high-end store (with higher prices to match) stocking a variety of fabrics and carries Liberty fabrics. I didn’t know there is one in Barcelona, we just happened to walk past it. Sadly, it was during their afternoon break (they open from 10am-2pm, 4:30-8pm), and I could only gaze into their windows longingly (pictured below). But there is one in Valencia too and we were heading there after Barcelona, so that’s a consolation.



Address: Carrer de la Riera de Sant Miquel

Gratacos is the super high-end shop stocking luxurious, luscious and designer fabrics. It is a bit out of the way though if you don’t stay in the area. We didn’t end up going there.




6. La Antigua Pasamaneria Soler

Address: Plaça del Pi, 2, 08002 Barcelona

This shop is located in the old city district and close to the sightseeing locations (cathedral, medieval architecture, churches, Picasso museum etc). It is on the side of and very close to the Basilica de Santa Maria del Pi. I read somewhere (in one of the websites/blogs I listed at the beginning of this post) that this store has a long history dating back to when they did soldier’s uniforms. I also read that they don’t appreciate photos in the shop, so I didn’t take any to respect that. There are lots of trims in there, from the more military style, to luxurious, to flamboyant, to fun, to cute.


7. Ganiveteria Roca

Address: Plaça del Pi, 3, 08002 Barcelona

This shop is literally just in front/diagonal to the above shop, La Antigua Pasamaneria Soler. It is a store selling scissors, knives and some kitchen tools. The display window is mesmerising. I also looked at the giant dressmaking scissors in one of the pics below – the largest one on the bottom- the blades are longer than my forearm. I tried them in the shop. My hand span wasn’t big enough to even open the blades half way. They are about 400 euros. And very, very heavy. I decided to be practical and looked at their small embroidery scissors instead, there are a few styles. The ones I bought are made in Italy and about 13 euros. Some of the other ones are about 30-40 euros.


8. Casa Felix

Address: Plaça de la Vila de Madrid, 4 BAJO, TDA 4-5, 08002 Barcelona

Casa Felix is a notions and quilting store, selling some quilting and lining fabrics, interfacing and haberdashery, some sewing and quilting tools also. I was interested in their pins. I bought these rose gold and real gold-plated pins, both made in Spain.


This concludes my fabric/notion shopping experience in Barcelona! Thank you for reading and if you are heading to the city some time (and interested in sewing), I hope you have as much as I did checking out the beautiful textiles on offer in this modern, beautiful city.



8 thoughts on “Fabric Shopping in Barcelona, Spain [2019].

  1. I love that you always seem to fit some “sightsewing” into your trips and your reviews and photos are really interesting and useful. They look like beautiful stores and I can’t wait to see what you do with the pieces you bought. Big shout out to your husband and baby too for joining you!

    1. Thanks Allison! It’s nice to break up the touristy sightseeing a bit with shopping, and this is my kind of shopping! 😁

  2. “Sight sewing” is a perfect way to describe it! I think you’ve found a new term Sil! Whenever I go on a trip I love to buy fabric as my souvenirs – it can get heavy but I still love it! 💜

    1. Fabric shopping is my kind of shopping especially when travelling 😍. Although I love looking at local crafts and produce and home baked goodies and in flee markets too. Thanks for visiting Brooke! Xx

  3. Hi Brooke, I’m looking for good quality voile fabric to make curtains for my home. Would Barcelona be a good destination to buy fabric or could you recommend any other European city from your experience?



    1. Hi Jenny, I’m not sure if this comment is meant for me, but I’d say Barcelona is a decent place to find voile fabric. Rome and Athens are other cities with good fabric stores :) From Sil

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