First Project for Minerva – Swishy Chiffon [McCall’s 7505].

Hi Friends! Back in July I had the honour to join the Maker’s Team / Blogger Network of a large fabric and sewing supplies company, Minerva. Makers select a fabric of their choice within a selection, sew it up and write a review post for the company, which gets shared to other makers, customers, instagram and anyone who is interested in sewing and dressmaking. So many makers have produced amazing, inspiring and creative garments. I am so grateful for such a community.
My first project for Minerva is a Lady McElroy chiffon with Paiseley on it. I will include a brief summary here, and talk about the trims only, and you can read about the full construction and my thoughts on my review post on Minerva’s blog HERE. The pattern I used was McCall’s 7505, which I’ve made once here.

  • Pattern: McCall’s 7505, a Nicole Miller design. I made View B.
  • Size made: A5: Sizes US 6-14 included, I made size 6.
  • Pattern pieces: 6 pieces including facings and lining.
  • Fabric used:
    • The shell is Lady McElroy “Yoryu” chiffon [100% polyester, 150cm width, 2m length, unknown country of origin, provided by Minerva.
    • Lining from stash, [100% polyester, 148cm width, 1.5m length, unknown country of origin, previously bought from Spotlight.
  • New Techniques used: Adding cotton trim to neckline, sleeves and hemline.
  • Modifications:
    • Added trim as above. The neckline trim was basted and then handstitched. The sleeve trims were sandwiched between the seams and sewn together. The hemline trim was basted and then machine sewn.
    • I used French seams throughout the garment.
McCall’s 7505.
I used 3 different styles of mustard cotton trim on this dress.
The trim on the neckline was basted and then hand-stitched. The most important thing to note is that the outer circumference is larger than the inner one, and so relieving “cuts” are required to accommodate that. You can see I snipped the bottom circles free from each other for this purpose.
The trim in the sleeve is sandwiched between the seams.
The scallop trim on the hemline was first basted then machine stitched into place.


Finished dress, complete with RTW mustard belt.


Here are a few pics of the finished garment. See more at my post at Minerva’s blog HERE!

If you’ve seen my Instagram account, you can see that I have just finished my second project for Minerva! That post will not be up until their new website is up, which is hopefully not far away. So excited, will share that with you as soon as it’s ready!

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