Fabric Shop in Sydney: My Hung Hurstville.

Before we moved to Sydney for a year, we thought we would go and see ALL the places and I’d visit ALL the fabric shops within that time. That didn’t happen, as there were only so many weekends free, plus life was busy too. I did visit a number of fabric stores though. Since we’ve been back, Sydney is only a short flight away, and we are somewhat familiar with the city and have friends there, so we go back there once or twice a year. When we do, I try to visit those fabric shops again.
My Hung fabrics have 4 branches in Sydney, in Hurstville, Parramatta, Cabramatta and Penrith. See their website for further details. The one I used to visit is the Hurstville branch. I worked within walking distance to that shop – it was always an exercise in self-control not to sneak over there at lunch time. It is very easy to get to, as it is basically located right across the train station (Hurstville Station, Forrest Rd Exit). They are also open 7 days a week! Hurstville station is less than 30mins from Sydney CBD by train.
My Hung Fabrics

My Hung is in an area with a concentration of Asian/Chinese shops. The shop isn’t very large, but is jam-packed with bolts of fabrics, lining the walls all the way to the ceiling!

They stock mostly cotton, polyester, satin, chiffon and blends. There are also lace, bridal and special occasion fabrics, wool (and blends), lining and dance fabrics. I’d say the majority are woven; Knit fabrics are mostly in the form of stretch lace and Lycra. Perhaps I’ve missed it, but I didn’t see much of cotton jersey or the like. There may have been synthetic apparel knit fabrics. I was too busy looking at all the colours and prints that I didn’t take a good look at the range of compositions on offer!

The shop owner / attendant was quite helpful and approachable. I was looking for some wool and he kindly pointed me in the right direction. The wool selection was not large, with one small section dedicated to them (below, on lower shelf).

The prices are pretty good, especially the polyesters and satins, although I didn’t buy any. I’d say overall the fabrics are reasonbly-priced in accordance with the quality (not in the higher end of the spectrum).

The shop is a little packed, and not very accessible (stroller, wheelchair, larger wheeled walker etc) especially in the smaller aisles. The main walkway should be fine (see below pic), but I found the most interesting fabrics are usually tucked away in the deep.

Even if you aren’t looking to buy fabrics, the colourful bolts are themselves a sight to behold.

The fabrics are fairly well-labelled in their composition. Not all the information are included, but if you ask the attendant(s), they will most likely be able to tell you.

Here’s a few more snaps of the shop:

If you’re in Sydney, likes fabric shops and have a bit of time to spare, I think My Hung is a nice place to visit. Westfield shopping centre is close-by (walking distance), and there are also lots of places to eat and rest in the area.

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