Fabric Shopping in Valencia, Spain [2019].

We went to Valencia earlier this year, and I’ve just gotten around to writing a post about it! It sure has been a busy year. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, and it did not disappoint. I didn’t visit all the fabric shops there, but I searched up and went to a few, plus unintentionally came across a few while walking around the city. I will be writing about these shops in this post, and it’ll be pretty long (in pictures)! 


Some general notes about fabric shopping in Valencia:

  • Cash and credit cards are accepted in most places.
  • Shop attendants have been approachable and helpful, in my experience.
  • Communicating in English is usually not an issue. Gestures and google translate go a long way as well.
  • Tax is included in the marked price in most cases.
  • Price is in Euros per metre.
  • Usually the fabric composition is marked on the bolt, but not always the price.
  • Check the shop opening hours, there may be a long break of 2-4 hours during the day
  • We stayed close to the Old Town Area, and everything is quite close to each other. Mostly accessible on foot.


A Summary of fabric/craft shops I’ve visited in Valencia:

I. All on the same street (Carrier dels Adrecadors):

    1. Tejidos Marina
    2. Sobrefil Merceria
    3. Tejidos Femina
    4. Nadal Verd SL

II. Scattered throughout the city:

    • 5. Las Telas de Lola
    • 6. Tejidos Laine
    • 7. Julian Lopez
    • 8. Tejidos DOLZ

III. Traditional fabrics for communions, festivals, occasions:

    • 9. “Indumentaria Valenciana” – a general term, various shops


I. Four shops on one street

So I lived just around the corner to this fabric shop, Tejidos Marina (purely co-incidental) on Avinguda de l’Oest street and when I walked further along the side street (Carrier dels Adrecadors), I discovered MORE fabric shops! Like an Alice in Wonderland moment…

  1. Tejidos Marina

Address: Avinguda de l’Oest, 27, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain

    • It is a corner shop with 2 floors
    • From the ground level, when I went went in I thought I went into the wrong shop. There were lots of bedding, sheets, flags etc. 
    • Walk in further, you see some scuba, poly, viscose, linen.
    • Downstairs, there is upholstery fabrics, dance, party, quilting cottons
    • Many locals shopping there. Shop attendants there were very nice.
Tejidos Marina – shopfront seen from the main street Avinguda de l’Oest.


Tejidos Marina – Shopfront seen from the side street Carrier dels Adrecadors.


Tejidos Marina, entered through main street.


Tejidos Marina, entered through side street.


Tejidos Marina – Downstairs.


Tejidos Marina


2. Sobrefil Merceria 

    • Address: Carrer dels Adreçadors, 17b, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain

So keep going along the side street Carrer dels Adrecadors, and right next to Tejidos Marina, you will see a small notions store Sobrefil Merceria. It mainly sells trims, tools, haberdashery.

Sobrefil Merceria

3. Tejidos Femina

    • Address: 4 Carrer dels Adreçadors, Valencia, Spain

It is a small store on the left if you keep going down the street. There were lots of beautiful but expensive European silks. There were also tulle, special occasion fabrics, brocade, cottons, polyesters, and some knits. 

Tejidos Femina


Tejidos Femina – Beautiful silks


Tejidos Femina – Small shop but lots to look at, if you fancy.


Tejidos Femina – Helpful gentleman. He was able to tell me the composition of fabrics and country of origin.


Tejidos Femina – My purchase. A watercolour splash organza with subtle wide stripes.


4. Nadal Verd SL

    • Address: Carrer dels Adresadors, 11, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain

Keep going on Carrer dels Adresadors, and you’ll see Nadal Verd SL, a patchwork and quilting store. I didn’t go inside, as I was mainly interested in apparel fabrics.

Nadal Verd SL – quilting and patchwork store


II. Scattered throughout the city

The following shops were not located close to each other. I past by some of them while walking to tourist destinations.

5. Las Telas de Lola

    • Address: 46001 Valencia, Spain (Google maps gives this image of possibly before the shop opened there?)

This store is just behind a funny statue (that’s how I remember it). It sells bridal, special occasion and evening fabrics, laces, brocade, Italian textiles, polyesters, organza, tulle, and some casual and apparel materials. Laces are about 30-50 euros/m. Only the price, not composition, are marked on the bolts, of the ones I’ve checked.


Las Telas de Lola – Spacious inside, well presented, lovely fabrics.



6. Tejidos Laine

    • Address: Carrer de Sant Vicent Màrtir, 110, 46007 València, Valencia, Spain

It is apparently open 24 hours, but I didn’t confirm that. I actually looked for this shop with the help of Google Maps, but walked right past it – several times – because the shop front was not obvious at all! I mean, it was, but the glass was really reflective, and it was a rather high traffic area. 

They sell runway-inspired fabrics, high end prices. Evening fabrics, embroidered, silks, scuba, poly, lining materials. Silks about 100 euros/m. Embroidered designer fabrics approx 300 euros/m. I didn’t take any photos inside the shop, so here’s one from the outside.

Tejidos Laine
Tejidos Laine – Is it just me, or is it actually hard to see that it’s a fabric shop from the outside on this bright and sunny day?


7. Julian Lopez

    • Address:

Ahhhh, Julian Lopez. It is a large fabric chain throughout Spain. They are in larger cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Having missed visiting the store in Barcelona (see my post here) due to its long lunch hour, I was not going to miss it in Valencia. I was determined to GO!

Brace yourself – it has 4 floors of fabrics. On the ground floor you can find Liberty, evening fabrics, poly and Italian silks. First floor houses cottons and quilting, home deco, and Liberty Home, and notions. On the second floor there are traditional fabrics for festivities and occasions, stunning large-scale floral brocade. Then all the way down in the lower ground floor, you can find bargain fabrics, dance and netting materials.

The shops attendants are all dressed in sharp suits and skirts, and I found communication in English with them easier than in other shops. The prices and composition are marked on the bolt. Italian silks are about 25 euros/m. Polys approx 10-30 euros/m. 

Julian Lopez – shopfront


Julian Lopez – Beautiful displays.


Julian Lopez – Silks.


Julian Lopez – On the ground floor.


Julian Lopez – Heading towards lower ground floor.


Julian Lopez – Lower ground floor.


Julian Lopez – First floor


Julian Lopez – Second floor. These are the traditional fabrics and accessories I was talking about.


Julian Lopez – the traditional fabrics – stunning metallic floral brocade.


Julian Lopez – Spot the family.


Julian Lopez – Liberty range.


Julian Lopez – On ground floor again, waiting for fabric to be cut.


Julian Lopez – shop attendants in sharp suits.


Julian Lopez – My purchases. Top, ‘Silpes’ (silk and poly blend 50%), 15 euros/m. Bottom, poly knit, 10 euros/m).



8. Tejidos DOLZ

    • Address: Avinguda de Pérez Galdós, 118, 46008 València, Valencia, Spain

Now this shop is actually pretty out of the way. It was about 20 minutes walk from the Old Town Area/ where our hotel was, west of the city centre. It sells a lot of cottons and quilting fabrics, some kids’ jersey, cotton sateens, scuba, plaids, knits and plains, a few rayons. Prices are better than the other shops.

Tejidos DOLZ. A bit out of the way.


Yes, after walking for 20mins, I needed a snack.


Tejidos DOLZ – lots of cottons.


Tejidos DOLZ. Not a big shop but not too small.


Tejidos DOLZ – My purchase. Floral rayon (8.7 euros/m), quilting cottons (10 euros/m).


III. Shops selling traditional fabrics and accessories, “Indumentaria Valenciana”

9. “Indumentaria Valenciana”

These shops are common and they are dotted around town. They sell traditional fabrics and accessories for important events like communions and festivals. I see a few of them here and there. I don’t have specific addresses for the ones I’ve walked pass, but you can easily search them up in Google for similar stores.


This one (ROA), [this pic and the one below] is right opposite Julian Lopez.


Such a long post and I wonder if anyone is still with me here, haha. I’m so glad to finally write this up, I feel so relieved now as this has been on my mind for months! If you have been fabric shopping in Valencia, or plan to visit in the future, or never intend to go but just to have a look at what’s there – I hope you enjoyed this post! 



2 thoughts on “Fabric Shopping in Valencia, Spain [2019].

  1. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS POST! I am in Valencia and will search for these shops! Perfect timing for me to find this!

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