The Quilt of Friendship.

I have long admired quilters and people who makes quilts, even just one. Quilting is an absolute art form, combining shapes, colours, prints, patterns, proportions, lines and meaning all into one.  It is something that is beyond my patience to attempt. It is daunting.

But I have quilting cottons in my stash. Oh, of course I do. The variety of prints, the crisp feel, the choices! In the past, I have bought them for making plush toys, general crafts, garments and home decor. The point is, I have a stash that I don’t readily use…

When I learned that my lovely friend Kate of Time to Sew (she sews, and also write informative and thought-provoking articles on sustainability sewing) was making charity quilts, I offered to send some of my stash over. Little did I know that she had other plans.

She made ME a quilt!!! Incorporating the fabrics I sent over to her.

I was shocked to say the least. I can only imagine how much time, planning, effort and HAND SEWING a quilt takes.  That someone would actually do all that for me. I am so moved and thankful for her generosity and kindness. When she moved from UK to the Netherlands, she brought the unfinished quilt…and after it was completed, she posted it all the way to Australia to me, and I received a few months ago. It’s definitely a friendship that spans countries and continents!

Without further ado, here is the beautiful quilt:

The diagonal lines aree visually pleasing. I LOVE bold geometric shapes and this is just exactly my cup of tea!


The hand sewn running stitches adds further texture and depth and interest, and there are many lines of them!


My baby is so lucky, he has a beautiful soft quilt to use!


The fabrics I sent to Kate are the printed fruit ones. Kate added her own fabrics – wonderfully and true to her sustainability values, they were scraps from her other projects – and they just all go together perfectly!


Kate also added plain coloured fabrics. It makes me so happy looking at the quilt, and imagining her lovingly working on it for months and months.


There’s even a hand-stitched message.


It is so soft as well. The back is adorned with triangles of the fabrics used at the front. The binding is closed with hand stitching. My baby is loving the quilt!!


We will treasure this gift forever and more. Thank you so much, Kate, my dear friend.


2 thoughts on “The Quilt of Friendship.

  1. Isn’t it such a precious gift to receive? And OH, the details! The time and love it takes to make something like this for another person says it all. You are obviously cared about :)

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