A Dress for Going Out and Staying In [Wilder Gown].

It’s my birthday month and I was able to start and finish another garment! My family has been generous with allowing me extra time to indulge in my hobbies this past week. So I got right into it and sewed a very popular Wilder Gown by Friday Pattern Company. I used a lovely, oriental-themed, border-printed, satin-feel, rayon viscose blend from Spotlight. The combination of pattern and fabric does make the Wilder Gown look like a lounging gown, but that is the point. I wanted something that I can wear out later (when the lockdown is over), but also comfortable for home wear if I choose so.

  • Pattern: Friday Pattern Company #022, Wilder Gown. Rated at “beginner” level.
  • Size made: Included was Size XS-4XL, I made size XS.
  • Pattern pieces: 5 pieces.
  • Fabric used: Rayon stain [53% viscose, 47% rayon, width 140cm, length 3m, made in China, bought from Spotlight]. Note: the pattern asks for 3.7m length.
  • New Techniques used:
    • First integrated neckline ruffle and sash channel.
  • Modifications:
    • Cut a few pattern pieces in cross-grain to make use of border print.
    • Added front and back bodice darts.
    • Reduced width of skirt tiers due to inadequate fabric: total reduction of 24cm from first tier, and 50cm from second tier.
    • Sleeves hem minus 8cm.
    • I finished the seams (overlocked) before gathering the tiers and joining them to the bodice and other tier.
    • Topstitched all around the neck tie for a crisp finish.
    • Lower skirt tier shortened by 14cm.
The line drawing for the Wilder Gown. I love the top version too – I can see myself making it one day!
Front bodice, with central slit ending in seam. It’s the first time I’ve done a neckline like this. The instructions are very clear.
I normally only have cream, grey and black overlocking thread and those would match almost all colours well enough. But I decided to get light pink cones for the BEST match for this dress, even though the cream one in my hand doesn’t look too bad with it.
Sleeves set into the bodice. The top of the bodice AND the sleeves will become the neck channel and ruffle. Such a clever design!
The channel completed. The sash will go through where the pencil is and gather it up, while the part above the channel will be come ruffles due to the gathering. How cool is that!
The skirt tiers made. The top tier has two panels and the bottom tier has three. They should be wider (thus more gathers later), but I didn’t have enough fabric.
Finished garment. The skirt tiers would be pouffier if I had enough fabric. But I REALLY wanted to use this fabric, and I don’t think it looks TOO different with the less voluminous skirt tiers.
I just love this neckline and is the main reason why I bought the pattern. The raglan sleeves also made fitting a breeze.
Does it look like a night gown? Perhaps. Especially in this semi-shiny fabric. And if it does, then it is some fancy loungewear that I don’t mind having and wearing!
Back view. I couldn’t avoid the tree branches sticking out from the bottom of the back bodice. The fabric has border prints on both sides of the selvage (thus the print faces each other upside-down) and limited the ways that I could do with print placement.
Showing the reduced gathers of the skirt tiers.
I added darts at front and back bodice, taking in a total of 16cm. This almost compensated for the reduced skirt width of the first tier (which is 24cm narrower).

I find the Wilder Gown fantastic under a cropped jacket, as it breaks up the print a little and add a bit of structure to the outfit. I really enjoyed making and wearing my birthday dress. Thanks for visiting, and until next time!

4 thoughts on “A Dress for Going Out and Staying In [Wilder Gown].

  1. Wow, you have a knack for matching fabric to patterns! The pattern caught my eye when I saw it featured in TheFoldLine, but it looked a bit too “prairie” for my taste. Your version with that fabric is more like art!

    1. You’re right, it does have the vibe you described! I had to add the jacket to lessen the look, otherwise it’s a little overbearing on me. Just my personal taste. But very happy to have experimented with this style!

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