Navy Florals, You have my Heart [Nina Lee Mayfair Dress].

Okay, the title says it all. I love the colour navy! Definitely my favourite neutral. And florals, well not all florals suit me, but they just give an air of femininity, don’t you think? Anyway, I bought this lovely, soft rayon knit and decided to pair it with the Nina Lee Mayfair dress pattern (it is available in both printed and PDF versions).

  • Pattern: Nina Lee London pattern, “The Mayfair Dress” in long sleeves and knee-length skirt views.
  • Size made: Included was Size 6-20, I made size 6.
  • Pattern pieces: 6 pieces in total including 2 maxi extensions. For my version I used 4 pieces.
  • Fabric used: Rayon knit [95% rayon, 5% spandex, width 148cm, length 2m, made in China, bought from Spolight]
  • New Techniques used: First time trying Burrito method.
  • Modifications: Stitched up the front neckline by 4cm.
Line drawing for the Mayfair dress. Pic from here.


What I really like about this pattern is that part of the waist tie is sewn onto the pre-gathered waist front.


The pleated high collar at the back neck extends into folds and V-neck at the front.


Sewing the pleats at the back of the collar.


Attaching the shoulders of the dress to the collar.


Here’s the interesting part – the Burrito Method. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried it! Took me some time to orientate the pieces and working out what exactly to do. The pictures helped, but I thought they could be clearer, for an absolute first-timer like me. Maybe I’m just thick :P


So basically rolling up the fabric in the dress portion to be encased between the seams we want to sew. The hardest part is trying not to accidentally catch the dress fabric while stitching the back neck seam.


What the Burrito did was to sew the seam I’m pointing to so the stitching is on the inside when the garment is turned right side out. It makes for a nice finish on the inside!


Then the rest was just sewing the sleeves in the flat, and tacking the neck facing at centre front below the ‘V’ of the neckline.


Completed! Compared to my other garments, this is relatively faster to sew.


I love rayon knit. It has a smoother finish than cotton knits. And it feels so good on the skin, very comfortable to wear. I also love the positive ease in the dress, it is very flattering and doesn’t “hug” or “cling” to the body. For reference, size 6 is for body measurements 32″/24″/33.5″, and the finished garment measurements are 35″/30.5″/40″.


The waist tie is partially attached at the front, and is free to be tied whichever way you want (around and tie at the back or back to the front again).


Now if you look closely, the front ‘V’ isn’t very neat because I just stitched it up after making the dress. Next time, I will modify the pattern itself and raise the neckline. It will make for a much nicer finish.

I am so excited to finally have a jersey dress that fits! That’s a huge perk of home sewing. I can see more Mayfairs in my wardrobe in the future. It is great to layer under cardigans and coats too!


2 thoughts on “Navy Florals, You have my Heart [Nina Lee Mayfair Dress].

  1. I think this looks very “you” – large scale prints, fitted waist and you always wear nice shoes with it…. win!

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