Mauve Cloud Studio


Greetings!  I’m Sil, living in the warm, sunny state of Queensland in Australia.  This little space is where I play with papers, fabrics, glue, beads, flour and more.  It’s basically a documentation of the sewing and craft projects I’ve done and things I’ve baked.

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I’m in my thirties and work in healthcare.  Crafting used to be what I do to de-stress after work, but it seemed to have evolved into an all-consuming passion.  I like making gifts for my family and friends, and more recently I ventured into dressmaking.  Many of my sewing projects are made from commercial patterns or inspired by pictures on the internet and I try my best to reference the original artists. 


I started this blog in 2009. My Instagram account (started November 2016) is mauve.cloud.studio

Thank you for visiting!